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Date posted: 2023-08-24
Peruvian dish, marinated white meat.

Ingredients for one serving

×1 Optional
Either fish or chicken
10 tablespoons
Enough to cover the meat in a bowl
1 tablespoon Optional
Avoid doing ceviche with only lime juice, it stops fermentation so the meat will not marinate properly, and it will be harder to digest.
×1 Optional
Peeled, Diced
×1 Optional


  1. Put the meat in a bowl.
  2. Pour enough lemon juice to cover.
  3. Close the bowl to avoid the meat drying, although if the lemon juice covers, it will prevent that.
  4. Wait from 2 hours to two days, out of the fridge for faster results.
  5. It should have changed color to a more grey-ish tone. It's marinated and ready.
  6. Add optional garnish (and sauces).

Food Combining Advice (Primal Diet)

Lime Juice should be eaten with Lemon Juice.
Degree: recommended
Reason: Counter the anti-bacterial effect.
Fruit should be eaten with Lime Juice.
Degree: recommended
Reason: To bind with the byproducts of detoxification.
Lime Juice should be eaten with Lemon Juice.
Degree: recommended
Reason: Counter the anti-bacterial effect.
All ingredients mentioned are implicitly qualified as raw, never frozen, nor radiated, without added salt or additives, and as natural and "organic" (or even "bio-dynamic") as possible, unless stated otherwise.
Certain ingredients here are not recommended, they are not included as recommendations, although you can use them in your recipes.


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