Healthfully gives immediate answers for a growing list of symptoms or health conditions, and quick-access to a reference of protocols and recipes.
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Everybody will be able to take care of themselves if I give everybody enough information. — Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The content will mostly be based around his very comprehensive and proven Primal Diet™, in all its intricacy.

Aajonus authored several books and gave out a lot of additional information through newsletters, email consults, Q&As, interviews, workshops, etc.

Already back in 2007, Aajonus urged everyone to use, the official website:

If you're in a pinch and not feeling well and having some symptoms - it's always better to access it on your computer and get the answers a little bit quicker. As quickly as possible but there are always adjustments to make. You just put the word that you want and you can click on every spot that relates to what you want. You just click through those pages.

What it does is give a list of quotes extracted from different sources where the given keyword was found. It is very handy, but the data is not put together, and you have to go through pages of results. Reading these is extremely important, and we absolutely recommend acquiring the source material, but newcomers get lost and even people experienced in the diet miss some important information. We have seen it from the many questions asked daily on the several Primal Diet groups on Facebook, Telegram, ...

We want to fully bring out his vision with a different and complementary tool: Healthfully just provides the answer directly and whole, with transversal links for every single item or subject so that you can navigate easily throughout the entire interconnected index of knowledge.

"Healthfully" was the term used by Aajonus to conclude his written consultations.

So far, it is only in its early first version (developed in a few days, although planned since end of 2018), and will become much more capable.
Roman Ballaguer
Developer, Content
Thomas Bayne
Developer, Design
Aajonus Vonderplanitz
Source Material
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