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Food pyramid

Note: this doesn't include all remedies and possible individual diets.
Always look the first 4 items for the most solid basis.

Order of the pyramid:

Different profiles:

  • Regular
  • Specific to leaky gut / Crohn's
  • Specific to other severe digestion issues
  • For extreme brain detoxification
  • 'Natural' prime health state

Currently viewing: Regular

This is the regular food pyramid for the average person, that was raised with societal exposure to toxins. The first 3 foods constitute the most important, mandatory tier, they are the most set in stone. Almost anything below, could be swapped around depending on the individual.

Animal Fat
Vegetable Juice
Cheese with Honey
Moisturizing-Lubrication Formula
Hydration Formula
Clay Milk
Fermented Milk
High Meat
Nut Formula
Penicillin Destroyer Formula

Food Quality

Choose the food item for which you wish to see the quality criteria:
Raw Meat
Raw Egg
Unheated Honey
Raw Fish
Raw Oyster
Raw Salmon
Raw Water
Raw Vegetable Juice
Raw Nut
Raw Papaya
Raw Pineapple
Raw Cucumber
Raw Fruit
Raw Clay
Raw Milk
Raw Butter
Raw Unsalted Cheese
Raw Date
Raw Vinegar
Raw Olive Oil
Raw Coconut Cream
Raw Wine


Undesirable but not unacceptable
Freezing Frozen meat is quite damaged
Freezing destroys 80 of nutrients in meat according to Aajonus, and generates some toxins. It is best to avoid it.
Beneficial but not mandatory
Organic label Organic meat is better, but non-organic lean cuts of meat can be fine
Toxins store in the fat, so lean cut from non-organic animals (except pig, which should be truly organic) could be of acceptable quality.
Beneficial but not mandatory
100% grass-fed grass-finished meat is better
An animal fed too much grain will make less nutritious meat.
Beneficial but not mandatory
Freshly-slaughtered meat is ideal
The meat is more vibrant with nutrition if the animal was alive just a few moments prior. Over the days the meat can lose enzymes and overall nutrition. Freshly-killed meat is about 2x better.
Undesirable but not unacceptable
Beware of cheap meat
Depending on where you live, some unscrupulous sellers might inject water or add coloring on the meat.
Undesirable but not unacceptable
Beware of conventional, and all meat
In the USA, by law, the meat has to be sprayed with citric acid (GMO) or frozen. Few places manage to provide fresh non-treated meat.
Private food clubs should be able to circumvent that, but do make sure sƟll. Amos Miller for example won a court case against that.
Beneficial but not mandatory
Organic label Non-organic lean meat could be fine
Toxins store in the fat, so lean cut from non-organic animals (except pig, which should be truly organic) could be of acceptable quality.
Undesirable but not unacceptable
Organic label Organs must be top quality
Avoid organs from non-organic sources, as toxins tend to store there as well, and on top of organic, the animal should be completely unvaccinated.
Undesirable but not unacceptable
Ground meat is of lesser quality
It is better to take whole cuts:
Meat grinders can leech metals into the meat.
Meat that is grinded only once can be fine, but twice grounded “homogenizes” it too much and makes it harder to digest.
Prefer using a food processor to make chopped meat or pâté, superior in every way, and can be made to have a chunky texture as well (see the guides for pâté and deli pâté / marinated pâté towards the end of this guide).
Undesirable but not unacceptable
Drying Dried meat is much less digestible
Drying, the removal of moisture, kills bacteria which disables the enzymes and prevents digestion of most of the meat. Prefer raw unsalted cheese for dry food cravings.
Very undesirable
Storage Avoid saran wrap
Unlike regular plastic, saran wrap has chemicals that go deep into the item and cannot be scraped off.


Overall: The recommended amount of bio-available calories is above the basal needs for maintenance.
Even without any kind of exercise, eating raw foods, while supplying many bio-available nutrients, expands a lot of them through extra detoxification.

Food combining

Certain food are better had with other foods, in certain proportions, and other foods may have improper digestion or negative effects when had together.

An equal or superior amount of fat should be had.
The fat slows down the digestion of the sugar, and its release into the blood, limiting sugar spikes and crashes.
The fat also binds to the toxins brought out by the fruit's detoxification.
An equal or superior amount of fat should be had.
The fat can absorb certain toxins from the cooked food.
Quantities of honey could be from 1/6th to 1/3rd of the amount of fat, 1/2 if in a coma.
It is recommended to eat 3 tablespoons of extra fat along with meat, so that the meat isn't converted to energy and kept as building blocks to regenerate tissue instead.
Animal Fat
It is recommended to have some animal fat when eating plant fats such as oil, around 1/5 but more can be had.
It is recommended to have some animal fat when eating plant fats such as oil, around 1/5 but more can be had.
At least 2/3 of the meat eaten must be fresh meat, to avoid detoxifying without rebuilding properly. Later down the years, a diet of only high meat may be considered.
Lemon Juice
1/3 of lemon juice to balance the anti-bacterial effects of the lime juice.
Lime Juice
Having a teaspoon/tablespoon of lime juice with fruit helps neutralize the toxins brought out by fruit detoxification.
Having some honey with fruit helps protect from the toxins brought out by fruit detoxification.
Vegetable Juice
Vegetable juice and meat need opposite digestive environments to digest, they must be had around 1h apart.
If juice is had before meat in the morning, only 45 minutes need to be waited.
Lemon Juice
Lemon juice should never be combined with nut formula, it completely unbinds the honey from the nuts and their anti-nutrients become active again.
Cooked Starch
It is better to spread out over the day consumption of cooked starch if having it (mostly as a specific remedy but also if "cheating"), a few tablespoon at a time.

Overall daily quantities

Note: those vary based on your size, condition, etc.

Minimum half a pound / 200g a day
1 pound / 500g is recommended.
2 pounds / 1kg is possible and can be better, might require to eat more animal fat to balance.
Make pâté, eat raw unsalted cheese before, never frozen royal jelly, etc., to multiply the benefits of the meat while eating less.
Minimum 200g per day, recommended 350g or more.
Having more green juice, mineral-rich foods, and protein, might help to eat more fat if stuck.
25% of fat could be a minimum, up to 80% can be recommended. Too little fat in relation to meat can lead to energy crash.
1 high-carb fruit a day, or less, except where in case of flu, 3 orange smoothies are possible
An average maximum of 1 tablespoon a day
Coconut Cream
An average maximum of 3 tablespoon a day, except for specific remedies
An average maximum of 1 tablespoon a day, 2 for athletes

Health Domains

The Primal Diet is primarily a diet, however, Aajonus went over many, if not all, aspects, or domains, of health. Hot baths or some degree of physical activity are very important, as is exposure to EMF.


The diet is the cornerstone of Aajonus' protocols.

Hot Baths

Short hot baths (45min, 39-40°C), or at least a form of sweating, are almost mandatory to expel toxins that the body dumps under the skin, to prevent continuous degeneration. Longer hot baths (1h+) act deeper and start decongesting the lymphatic system from hardened seed oils.


Sleeping is extremely important: a lot of detoxification and healing happen during sleep. 90% of the nervous system detoxifies at night. Aajonus recommends sleeping as much as necessary, taking naps, and waking up to eat then going back to sleep.


Daily exposure to 1h of sun could be enough on this diet. More sunbathing is beneficial (and can detoxify).


Artificial electromagnetic frequencies can be quite detrimental. Exposure for more than 3 minutes to EMF can start damaging animal cells.


Aajonus recommends brushing at least every 3 days to prevent the formation of plaque (toxins bound to nutrients). For already hardened plaque, he has made a raw toothpaste.

Body Fat

Aajonus recommends being overweight, and to do cycles of gaining and losing bodyfat, every 3 months to every 3 years, as a way to pull out deep tissue toxins in the extra bodyfat, and expel them when renewing.


Aajonus recommands a minimum of around 2h of light physical activity daily (walking, moving around, etc.) daily. And for each activity ring (seen through iridology), 1h of sports or 20 minutes of heavy singing.


Aajonus recommends the plow as the only daily yoga pose that you could need.


Stress can use up more of the body's resources. It is detrimental to be consumed by stress and depletes nutrients.


Sex (or masturbation according) is recommended based on individual needs. Toxins also store in sexual glands, and sexual discharge is required to expel those toxins, and prevent continuous degeneration. Some people also have more over-active sex glands than others.


Light massages only (stronger massages cause damage to the skin, the lymph)


Despite his protocols relying mostly on diet and other physical health practices, Aajonus recommends activities, such as creative, expressive activities, to help healing from certain conditions, such as asthma, or agoraphobia.


38 °F
3.3 °C
For Fat:
Should not be stored below that temperature.
For Meat:
Should not be stored below that temperature.
45 °F
7.2 °C
For Milk:
Should not be stored below that temperature
For Honey:
Should not be stored below that temperature
For all other foods:
Should not be stored below that temperature.
50 °F
10 °C
For Olive Oil:
Should not be stored below that temperature
68 °F
20 °C
For Egg:
Should not be stored below that temperature
93 °F
33.9 °C
For Honey:
Should not be stored above that temperature
96 °F
35.6 °C
For Fat:
Should not be stored above that temperature
98 °F
36.7 °C
Average body temperature
potassium, phosphorus, cauterized
For Milk:
Should not be stored above that temperature
For Meat:
Should not be stored above that temperature
For Egg:
Should not be stored above that temperature
101 °F
38.3 °C
Average herbivore body temperature
103 °F
39.4 °C
Hot Bath:
Minimum temperature
104 °F
40 °C
For all other foods:
Should not be stored above that temperature
105 °F
40.6 °C
Bacterial activity gets destroyed
Cooking starts
110 °F
43.3 °C
Hot Bath:
Maximum temperature
122 °F
50 °C
Most major vitamins are destroyed
132 °F
55.6 °C
All of natural vitamins, enzymes, are destroyed
141 °F
60.6 °C
Old pasteurization temperature
Half of the calcium gets cauterized (unable to exchange molecules
161 °F
71.7 °C
Flash pasteurization (30s)
250 °F
121.1 °C

Sorted foods

Sort foods by:

Most harshly detoxifying foods

The higher the food on this list, the less should be had.

  1. Alcohol
    never, or almost never have it, it is more damaging than it can be useful
  2. Moldy Berry
    beginners should avoid eating those for a while
  3. Vinegar
    maximum around 1 tbsp a day, 2 if athlete
  4. Cilantro Juice
    5% or so of whole vegetable juice, pulls out deep-rooted mercury, can cause damage and dementia if too much is had
  5. Oil
    in general 1tbsp per day
  6. Fruit
    high-carbs fruits only around once daily or less
  7. Coconut Cream
    around 3 tbsp max per day
  8. High Meat
    can be had often if enough fat, fresh meat, etc. are had

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The places which allow you to find good raw foods are USA, Southern Europe, some parts of Eastern Europe, South America, South East Asia.

In Northern Europe, celery has become rather expensive. In Norway, raw milk is difficult to obtain. The South of Europe also of course has a warmer climate.

Raw dairy is more difficult to find in Canada than in the USA.

All ingredients mentioned are implicitly qualified as being raw, never frozen, nor radiated, without added salt or additives, and as natural and "organic" (or even "bio-dynamic") as possible, unless stated otherwise.


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